Guru (2007) – Tere Bina | तेरे बिना | A.R.Rahman | Chinmayi Sripada

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This amzing masterpies by Maestro Rahman is dedicated to the memory of Pakistani qawwali singer Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan since it was the 10th anniversary of his death. The song begins with dham dara dham dara refrains, sung by Murtuza Khan and Quadir Khan.

Another version of the song, sung by Murtuza Khan, Qadir Khan and Chinmayee was also recorded. However, it was not officially released or featured in the movie as a complete song. This version was initiated and developed by Rahman, but had to redone again in Rahman’s voice because Director Mani Ratnam thought Khan Brother’s voice was not suitable for male lead of the movie Abhishek Bachchan. However Rahman used some of the Khan Brother’s rendition in the song. (Source : Wiki)
तेरे बिना बेसुवादी बेसुवादी रतियाँ, ओ सजना
रूखी रे ओ रूखी रे, काटूँ रे कटे, कटे ना
ना जा चाकरी का मारे, ना जा सौतन पुकारे
सावन आएगा तो पूछेगा, ना जा रे
फीकी-फीकी बेसुवादी, ये रतिया
काटूँ रे कटे, कटे ना
अब तेरे बिना सजना-सजना काटे, कटे ना
काटे ना काटे ना तेरे बिना..तेरे बिना…
तेरे बिना चाँद का सोना, खोटा रे
पीली-पीली धूल उंड़ावे झूठा रे
तेरे बिना सोना पीतल, तेरे संग कीकर पीपल
आजा काटे ना रतियाँ, तेरे बिना…

Dum dara dum dara mast mast
Dara dum dara dum dara mast mast
Dara dum dara dum dum
Oh humdum bin tere kya jeena 
(Oh my love, what’s the point in living without you)

Tere bina besuadi besuaadi ratiyan oh sajna
Ho, ruki re, Vo ruki re, Kaatoo Re kaate, kate Naa
( Without you the nights are tasteless oh darling
Dry and parched they are, Trying to pass them, but they don’t seem to)

Na jaa, chaakri ke maare, Na jaa, souten pukaare
Saawan aayega to puchega, Naa jaa re
feeki feeki beswaadi yeh ratiyan
Kaatu re kate, kate na
Ab tere bina sajna sajna, kate na
Tere bina …
(Don’t go, because of the job, Don’t go, the other wife calls
If the rain comes, it would ask, Please don’t go
Dry and tasteless these nights are
 Trying to pass time, but it doesn’t
Now without you my darling, Even time doesn’t pass)

Tere bina chand ka sona khota re
Peeli peeli dhool udaave jhoota re
Tere bina sona peetal, Tere sang keekar peepal
Aaja kate na ye ratiyan

Tere bina beswaadi beswaadi..
(Without you, the moon’s golden is impure
The yellow dust flying is false
Without you, gold seems like brass, With you, the keekar plant becomes peepal
Come, these nights don’t pass at all)

Here is the full video of the song 

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