Kala Pani (1958) – Hum Bekhudi Mein Tum Ko Pukare Chale Gaye | हम बेखुदी में तुम को पुकारे चले गये | Mohammad Rafi

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There are many Sun and stars in our galaxy and there is one black hole too which has the tremendous gravity and absorb everything whatever comes near to it. The voice of Legend Rafi Sahab is the same black hole.

This song wins the hearts only when is just start by opening line by Rafi Sahab “Hum hmm hm hmm hmm .aa aaa ..aa chale gaye“. In my opinion this song is an amazing example of a music piece  which is supposed to be a sad song but at the same time its gives you exotic feel of happiness and at the same feel of a Ghazal too. 
Dev Anand Sahab has done fabulous acting and express all the pain of character and words of the song only through his eyes. Listen this timeless classic from Dev Anand’s superhit movie KALA PANI (1958). This film was based on A.J. Cronin’s 1953 novel, Beyond This Place, and is a remake of the 1955 Bengali film ‘Sabar Upaarey’. For this film Dev Anand won the Film Fare Award of Best Actor. Share your views on this song in comment box. Thanks!

हम बेखुदी में तुम को पुकारे चले गये
सागर में जिंदगी को उतारे चले गये

देखा किये तुम्हे हम बन के दीवाना

उतरा जो नशा तो, हमने ये जाना
सारे वो जिंदगी के सहारे चले गये

तुम तो ना कहो हम खुद ही से खेले
डूबे नहीं हम ही यूँ, नशे में अकेले
शीशे में आप को भी उतारे चले गये


Movie : Kala Pani (1958) काला पानी 
Music : S.D. Burman / एस.डी.बर्मन
Lyrics : मजरूह सुल्तानपुरी
Singer : Mohammed Rafi / मो.रफ़ी
Performed By: Dev Anand
Director : Raj Khosla

Hum hmm hm hmm hmm .aa aaa ..aa chale gaye 
Hum Bekhudi Mein Tum Ko Pukare Chale Gaye
Saagar Mein Zindgi Ko Utare Chale Gaye
Dekha Kiye Tumhe Hum Ban Ke Deewana
Utraa Jo Nasha To, Humne Yeh Jana
Sare Woh Zindgi Ke Sahare Chale Gaye
Tum To Na Kaho Hum Khud Se Hi Khele
Doobe Nahi Hum Hi Yun Hi, Nashe Mein Akele
Sheeshe Mein Aap Ko Bhi Utaare Chale Gaye
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