Joggers’ Park (2003) – Badi Nazuk Hai Ye Manzil Lyrics | बडी नाज़ुक है ये मंज़िल | Jagjit Singh

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Hindi Kala presents Badi Nazuk Hai Yeh Manzil Lyrics in Hindi & English Translation. The melodious Ghazal in voice of Jagjit Singh is a gem.

Jagjit Singh’ Badi Nazuk Hai Yeh Manzil from Movie Jogger’s Park (2003)

This magical Ghazal is from the beautiful movie Joggers’ Park (2003). In the movie, an elder guy falls in love with a girl who is very younger than him. when you are in true love you don’t know the destination and it’s the path you take which decides what the destination will be. that path is fragile where the happiness makes you weak and the sadness just makes you stronger with that right person everything seems beautiful.

Badi Nazuk Hai Yeh Manzil Lyrics in Hindi

बडी नाज़ुक है ये मंज़िल, मोहब्बत का सफर है
धडक आहिस्ता से ऐ दिल, मोहब्बत का सफर है
कोई सुन ले ना ये किस्सा, बहुत डर लगता है
मगर डरने से क्या हासिल, मोहब्बत का सफर है
बताना भी नहीं आसान, छुपाना भी कठिन है
खुदा-या किस कदर मुश्किल, मोहब्बत का सफर है
उजाले दिल के फैले है, चले आओ ना जानम
बहुत ही प्यार के काबिल, मोहब्बत का सफर है

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Movie: Joggers’ Park (2003)
Music: Tabun Sutradhar
Singer: Jagjit Singh
Lyrics: Zameer Kazmi
Performed by: Victor Bannerjee, Perizaad Zorabian, Khalid Siddiqui 

English Translation of Badi Nazuk Hai Ghazal

Badi Naazuk Hai Yeh Manzil, Mohabbat Ka Safar Hai
Dhadak Aahista Se Yeh Dil, Mohabbat Ka Safar Hai
(Very delicate this path is, it’s the path of love 
Oh my heart, beat slowly and gently, it’s the path of love)

Koi Sun Le Na Yeh Kissa, Bahut Dar Lagta Hai
Magar Darne Se Kya Haasil, Mohabbat Ka Safar Hai
(I am scared that no one would listen to this story
But there is no gain if I’m scared because its the path of love)

Batana Bhi Nahi Aasaan, Chhupana Bhi Kathin Hai
Khuda-Ya Kis Kadar Mushkil, Mohabbat Ka Safar Hai
(It’s not easy to tell, It also hard to hide
Oh God how hard is this, this path of love)

Ujaale Dil Ke Failey Hai, Chale Aao Na Jaanam
Bahut Hi Pyaar Ke Kaabil, Mohabbat Ka Safar Hai
(Lights of the heart is scattered around, please come oh love
Its very eligible for love, this path of love)

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