Jagjit Singh – Apne Honthon Pe Sajana Lyrics | अपने होंठों पर सजाना चाहता हूं | Album – Insearch (1992)

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Hindi Kala presents Apne Hothon Par Sajana Lyrics in Hindi and its English Translation. This Ghazal by Jagjit Singh was written by Qateel Shifai.

Jagjit Singh - Apne Honthon Pe Sajana Chahta Hoon
Jagjit Singh Ghazal Apne Honthon Par Sajana Chahta Hoon

This unforgettable ghazal has been written by the well-known poet Qateel Shifai. Sometimes I feel that Jagjit Singh taught us to see the beauty in the suffering of love. It’s true that the poet has written those words but the voice of Jagjit Ji gives a new meaning to those words and you feel connected to those words unknowingly. Magical!

अपने होठों पर सजाना चाहता हूं गजल

अपने होंठों पर सजाना चाहता हूं,
आ तुझे मैं गुन-गुनाना चाहता हूं
कोई आँसू तेरे दामन पर गिराकर,
बूँद को मोती बनाना चाहता हूं
थक गया मैं करते-करते याद तुझको,
अब तुझे मैं याद आना चाहता हूँ
छा रहा है सारी बस्ती मे अंधेरा,
रोशनी को घर जलाना चाहता हूं
आखरी हिचकी तेरे ज़ानो पे आए,
मौत को भी शायराना चाहता हूं

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Album: Insearch (1992)
Music: Jagjit Singh
Singer: Jagjit Singh
Lyrics: Qateel Shifai

Apne Hothon Par Sajana Lyrics English Translation

Apne Hothon Par Sajana Chahta Hoon,
Aa Tujhe Main Gun-gunana Chahata Hoon
(I want to talk about you all the time
I want to sing and hum your name all the time)

Koi Aansoo Tere Daman Par Girakar,
Boond Ko Moti Banana Chahata Hoon
(If ever any tear fell on your lap
I want to transform every drop into a pearl)

Thak Gaya Main Karte Karte Yaad Tujhko,
Ab Tujhe Main Yaad Aana Chahata Hoon
(I have literally gotten tired of remembering you
Now I want you to remember me)

Chaa Raha Hain Sari Basti Me Andhera,
Roshni Ko Ghar Jalana Chahata Hoon
(It is getting dark all over the town
I want to put my house on fire, just for lighting)

Aakhiri Hichki Tere Jaano Pe Aaye
Maut Bhi Main Shayrana Chahta Hoon
(I wish to take my last breath in your lap
I even want my death to be poetic)

Jagjit Singh Live In London 2003

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