1942 A Love Story (1994) – Kuch Na Kaho Lyrics | कुछ ना कहो | Kumar Sanu

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Hind Kala presents Kuch Na Kaho Lyrics in Hindi & English Translation. A beautiful song is sung by Kumar Sanu from the movie 1942 A Love Story starring Anil Kapoor and Manisha Koirala.

1942 A Love Story (1994) - Kuch Na Kaho Lyrics in Hindi and English Translation
Manisha Koirala & Anil Kapoor in Song Kuch Na Kaho Lyrics

The last big shot of R D Burman. Heavenly sweet composition, very well sung by Kumar Sanu. The film was released sometime after the death of the music director, Rahul Dev Burman. And, at that time due to some not-so-popular music from his last few films, people started to think that his magic is over now but when the music of this film was released people were awestruck by listening to the composition of this album. Pancham Da won the Filmfare Award for Best Music Director for this film.

Kuch Na Kaho Lyrics in Hindi

कुछ ना कहो, कुछ भी ना कहो
क्या कहना है, क्या सुनना है
मुझको पता है, तुमको पता है
समय का ये पल थम सा गया है
और इस पल में कोई नहीं है
बस एक मैं हूँ, बस एक तुम हो
कितने गहरे हलके, शाम के रंग है छलके
परबत से यूँ उतरे बादल, जैसे आँचल ढलके
और इस पल में…
सुलगी सुलगी साँसें, बहकी बहकी धड़कन
महके महके शाम के साए, पिघले पिघले तन मन
और इस पल में…

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Movie: 1942 A Love Story (1994) / 1942 अ लव स्टोरी
Music: R. D. Burman / आर. डी. बर्मन
Lyrics : Javed Akhtar / जावेद अख्तर
Singer : Kumar Sanu / कुमार सानु
Performed By: Anil Kapoor, Manisha Koirala

Kuch Na Kaho Lyrics English Translation

Kuch Na Kaho, Kuch Bhi Na Kaho
Kya Kehna Hai, Kya Sun Na Hai 
Mujhko Pata Hai, Tumko Pata Hai
Samay Ka Yeh Pal, Tham Sa Gaya Hai
Aur Is Pal Mein Koi Nahi Hai
Bas Ek Main Hoon, Bas Ek Tum Ho
(Don’t say anything, don’t say anything at all
What’s there to say what’s there to listen?
I know it, you know it 
This moment of time has stopped
And at this moment there is no one 
There is just me, there is just you)

Kitne Gehre Halke, Sham Ke Rang Hai Chalke
Parbat Se Yun Utre Baadal, Jaise Aanchal Dhalke
Aur Is Pal Mein…
(How many deep and gentle colors of the evening have spread
Clouds are coming down from mountains like saris hem is coming down
And at this moment there is no one…)

Sulgi Sulgi Saanse, Behki Behki Dhadkan
Mehke Mehke Sham Ke Saaye, Pighle Pighle Tan Man
Aur Is Pal Mein …

(Passionate breaths, staggering heartbeats
The fragrance of evening is coming which is melting body and soul
And at this moment there is no one…)

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