Jagjit Singh – Raat Aankhon Mein Dhali Lyrics in Hindi & English with Meaning (Translation) | | Ghazal | Bashir Badr | रात आँखों में ढली

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Jagjit Singh Ghazal Raat Aankhon Mein Dhali Lyrics in Hindi & English with meaning (Translation). The Ghazal is written by Bashir Badr and it’s from the album Tum To Nahi Ho (2000).

Jagjit Singh
GhazalRaat Aankhon Mein Dhali
AlbumTum To Nahi Ho (2005)
SingerJagjit Singh
MusicJagjit Singh
LyricistBashir Badr
ActorsParizad Kolah

रात आँखों में ढली, पलकों पे जुगनू आये
हम हवाओं की तरह जा के उसे छू आये

बस गई है मेरे एहसास में ये कैसी महक
कोई खुशबू मैं लगाऊँ तेरी खुशबू आये

उसने छू कर मुझे पत्थर से फिर इन्सान किया
मुद्दतों बाद मेरी आँख में आँसूँ आये

मैंने दिन रात खुदा से ये दुआ माँगी थी
कोई आहट ना हो दर पर मेरे जब तू आये

Raat Aankhon Mein Dhali - Full Video Song by Jagjit Singh

Raat Aankhon Mein Dhali, Palkon Pe Jugunoo Aaye
Hum Hawaon Ki Tarah Jaa Ke Usse Chhoo Aaye

(Night fell before our eyes, fireflies appeared on our eyelids
we went like the wind and touched her)

Bas Gayi Hai Mere Ehsaas Mein Yeh Kaisi Mehak
Koi Khushboo Main Lagau Teri Khushboo Aaye

(What kind of smell has settled in my senses?
Whenever I apply some fragrance your fragrance will come)

Usne Chhoo Kar Mujhe Patthar Se Phir Insaan Kiya
Muddaton Baad Meri Aankh Mein Aansso Aaye

(She touched me and turned me from a stone to a human being again
After a long time, tears came to my eyes)

Main Din Raat Khudaa Se Yeh Duaa Maangi Thi
Koi Aahat Na Ho Dar Par Mere Jab Tu Aaye

(I prayed this to God day and night
There should be no noise at my door when you come)

Who is the writer of ‘Raat Aankhon Mein Dhali’ Ghazal?

Bashir Badr

Who is the singer and composer of ‘Raat Aankhon Mein Dhali’ Ghazal?

Jagjit Singh

Jagjit Singh Ghazal’s ‘Raat Aankhon Mein Dhali’ is from Which Album?

Tum To Nahi Ho (2005)


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