Agnee – Shaam Tanha Lyrics in Hindi & English with Meaning (Translation) | शाम तन्हा | Album – Agnee (2007)

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Agnee band song Shaam Tanha Lyrics in Hindi & English with meaning (translation) from the debut album of Band Agnee (2007)

Shaam Tanha Si Lage Song from the Agnee Band

This amazing track is from Agnee’s debut album named AGNEE. The singer of this song is Arijit Dutta and he also wrote these beautiful lyrics. The part Roothe Hai Naina…is sung by band lead vocal Mohan Kannan. You might hear this song in the movie Wake Up Sid in a pub scene.

Although the whole song is extremely beautiful in my opinion the line “Tere Jane Se Main Adhoora Rah Gaya‘ is the soul of this song which contains all the essence of this song. Seriously After Listening to Such Songs It Feels Like that Love Is Still There Somewhere Around !! Awesome Track !!

शाम तन्हा लिरिक्स

शाम तन्हा सी लगे …सभी से हम बेखबर 
फूलों के रंग धूमिल …लगने लगे है सभी 
यूँ न आयी खामोशियाँ …मुस्कुराती है शोखियां 
सूने पल है पहेलियाँ …छेड़ती है यह बदलियाँ 
शाम तन्हा सी लगे …सभी से हम बेखबर 

रूठें है नैना, मोहे न चैना
क्या हालत है मेरी, मैं कैसे कहूँ
तेरे जाने से, तेरे जाने से
मैं अधूरा रह गया

शाम तन्हा सी लगे…

SongShaam Tanha Si Lage
AlbumAgnee (2007)
SingerArijit Dutta & Mohan Kanan
LyricistArijit Dutta
ActorsArijit Dutta & Mohan Kanan

Shaam Tanha Lyrics in English with Meaning (Translation)

Shaam Tanha Si Lage …Sabhi Se Hum Bekhabar
Phoolon Ke Rang Dhoomil …Lagne Lage Hain Sabhi
Yun Na Aayi Khamoshiyan …Muskurati Hain Shokhiyan
Soone Pal Hain Paheliyan …Chedti Hain Yeh Badliyan
Shaam Tanha Si Lage …Sabhi Se Hum Bekhabar
Ta Ra Ra Ta Ra…
(The evening felt lonely…we are oblivious to all
The colors of the flowers are starting to fade…all seem that way
Silence didn’t come like this…Smiles bring beauty
Empty moments are like puzzles asked by clouds
The evening seemed lonely…we are oblivious to all)

Roothein Hain Naina, Mohe Na Chaina
Kya Haalat Hai Meri Main Kaise Kahoon
Tere Jaane Se, Tere Jaane Se
Main Adhoora Rah Gaya
(My eyes are kittle, I don’t have peace
what is my condition, how can I say
by you leaving, by your leaving
I was left incomplete)

Shaam Tanha Si Lage …
(The evening felt lonely)

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Shaam Tanha Si Lage Song is from which album or movie?

The album name is Agnee (2007) from the band Agnee.

Who is the singer of the song Shaam Tanha Si Lage?

Arijit Dutta and Mohan Kannan

Who wrote or lyricist of the song Shaam Tanha Si Lage?

Arijit Dutta


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