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About Us

HindiKala welcomes you on our website. Here you will find content in Hindi Language on the Hindi Literature covering Stories, Poetry, satire, and Hindi Song’s lyrics as we believe they also part of beautiful Hindi Poetry.

This Hindi entertainment website provides you news on the entertainment industry, some technology tips, and will try to cover various other categories like Short films, Travel, Books, Life, etc. time to time.

Our posts are written and managed by our team at We will always try to keep you update with new Hindi content. All pictures here and submitted in our posts are taken from free sources on the internet. respects the intellectual property rights of others and expects its users to do the same. When we receive proper notice as required by the DMCA, we will try to resolve or will remove content from the website that has been identified as copyright infringement.

If you have any issue with the content on our website or trying to reach us please write to us at

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