Umrao Jaan (1981) – In Aankhon Ki Masti Lyrics | इन आँखों की मस्ती के | Asha Bhosle

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Hindi Kala presents In Aankhon Ki Masti Lyrics in Hindi and its English Translation from Movie Umrao Jaan (1981) of Rekha. Singer Asha Bhosle.

in aankhon ki masti lyrics umrao jaan 1981 asha bhosle rekha
Movie Umrao Jaan (1981) starring Rekha

The top-class music of Khayyam Saab and the golden voice of Asha Bhosle and the superb acting of Rekha all together made this song so beautiful looks like we are in the same arena. The one more thing about this song that fascinates me is the use of Urdu & Hindi words. It’s incomparably beautiful.

In Aankhon Ki Masti Lyrics in Hindi

इन आँखों की मस्ती के मस्ताने हज़ारों हैं
इन आँखों से वाबस्ता अफ़साने हज़ारों हैं
इक तुम ही नहीं तन्हाँ, उल्फ़त में मेरी रुसवा
इस शहर में तुम जैसे दीवाने हज़ारों हैं
इक सिर्फ़ हम ही मय को, आँखों से पिलाते हैं
कहने को तो दुनिया में मयख़ाने हज़ारों हैं
इस शम्म-ए-फ़रोज़ाँ को, आँधी से डराते हो
इस शम्म-ए-फ़रोज़ाँ के परवाने हज़ारों हैं

Movie: Umrao Jaan (1981) / उमराव जान 
Singer: Asha Bhosle / आशा भोसले
Music: Khayyam / खय्याम
Lyrics: Shaharyar / शहरयार
Performed by: Rekha / रेखा , Farooq Shaikh

In Aankhon Ki Masti Lyrics Translation in English

Inn Aankhon Kii Masti Ke, Mastane Hazaron Hain
Inn Aankhon Se Vaabastah, Afasane Hazaron Hain
(There are thousands intoxicated by the passion of these eyes
Thousands of romances have been spun about these eyes)

Ik Tum Hi Nahin Tanha, Ulafat Mein Meri Rusava
Is Shahar Mein Tum Jaise, Deewane Hazaron Hain
(You are not the only one disgraced by your desire for me
In this city, there are thousands of madmen just like you)

Ik Sirf hum hi May Ko, Aankhon Se Pilate Hain
Kehne Ko To Duniya Mein, Mayakhane Hazaron Hain
(I am the only one that can intoxicate you with my eyes
Although there are thousands of wine houses in this world)

Is Shamm-e-Farozan Ko, Aandhii Se Darate Ho
Is Shamm-e-Farozan Ke Parawane Hazaron Hain
(You are trying to frighten this lighted candle with a mere storm
Thousands of moths are drawn to this brilliant candle)


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