Jagjit Singh – Tum Nahi Gham Nahi Sharab Nahi | तुम नहीं गम नहीं | Album – A Journey (2000)

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Hindi Kala presents Tum Nahi Gham Nahi Sharab Nahi Ghazal by Jagjit Singh. This ghazal is written by Sayeed Rahi and composed by Jagjit Singh.

Jagjit Singh

Dil se behtar koi kitaab nahin: How true it is when one wants to understand the essence of all that matters in the end, ,i.e., our humanity! Ultimately, we have to listen to our own refined conscience, not scriptures and priests. Every couplet in this ghazal is worth a pot of gold and it shimmers because of JS’s even more golden voice.

Tum Nahi Gham Nahi Sharab Nahi Ghazal Lyrics in Hindi

तुम नहीं, गम नहीं, शराब नहीं
ऐसी तन्हाई का जवाब नहीं
गाहे-गाहे इसे पढ़ा कीजिये,
दिल से बेहतर कोई किताब नहीं
जाने किस-किस की मौत आई है
आज रुख पे कोई नकाब नहीं
वो करम उँगलियों पे गिनते हैं
ज़ुल्म का जिनके कुछ हिसाब नहीं

Album: A Journey (2000) / अ जर्नी
Music: Jagjit Singh / जगजीत सिंह
Lyrics: Saeed Rahi / सईद राही
Singer: Jagjit Singh / जगजीत सिंह

English Lyrics and Translation

Tum Nahi, Gham Nahi, Sharab Nahi
Aisi Tanhai Ka Jawaab Nahi
(You are not here, not any sorrow, not even alcohol
There is no answer for such loneliness)
Gaahe-Gaahe Ise Padha Kijiye
Dil Se Behtar Koi Kitaab Nahi
(Read this from time to time
There is no better book than your heart)
Jaane Kis – Kis Ki Maut Aayi Hai
Aaj Rukh Pe Koi Naqaab Nahi
(Don’t know how many going to die
As there is no veil on her face today)
Woh Karam Ungliyon Pe Ginte Hai
Zulm Ka Jinke Kuch Hisaab Nahi
(She who counts every kind gesture of her
There is no tally of her crimes)


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