Humsaya (1968) – Dil Ki Awaz Bhi Sun Lyrics | दिल की आवाज़ भी सुन मेरे फसाने पे ना जा | Mohammad Rafi

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Hindi Kala presents Dil Ki Awaz Bhi Sun Lyrics from the movie Humsaya (1968) sung by legend Mohammad Rafi and music by O.P. Nayyar.

Humsaya (1968) - Dil Ki Awaz Bhi Sun Mere Fasane Pe Na Ja
Joy Mukerjee & Sharmila Tagore in Movie Humsaya (1968)

One of the best compositions by Onkar Parsad Nayyar. Shevan Rizvi wrote one of the best songs of his life. Rafi Saab is full of sublime feelings in this song and still this song I consider as one of the best romantic songs of Bollywood. This movie was a failure for Joy Mukerjee but this song still stands tall in the hearts of music lovers.

Dil Ki Awaz Bhi Sun Lyrics in Hindi

दिल की आवाज़ भी सुन मेरे फसाने पे ना जा
मेरी नज़रों की तरफ देख जमाने पे ना जा

एक नज़र देख ले, जीने की इजाज़त दे दे
रूठनेवाले वो पहली सी मोहब्बत दे दे
इश्क मासूम हैं, इल्ज़ाम लगाने पे ना जा

वक्त इन्सान पे ऐसा भी कभी आता हैं
राह में छोड़ के साया भी चला जाता हैं
दिन भी निकलेगा कभी, रात के आने पे ना जा

मैं हक़ीकत हूँ, ये एक रोज दिखाऊँगा तुझे
बेगुनाही पे मोहब्बत की रुलाऊँगा तुझे
दाग दिल के नहीं मिटते हैं, मिटाने पे ना जा

Movie: Humsaya (1968)
Music: O. P. Nayyar
Lyrics: Shevan Rizvi
Singer: Mohammad Rafi
Performed by: Joy Mukerjee, Sharmila Tagore

Dil Ki Awaz Bhi Sun Lyrics & English Translation

Dil Ki Aawaaj Bhi Sun Mere Fasane Pe Naa Jaa
Meri Nazron Ki Taraf Dekh Zamane Pe Naa Jaa
(Listen also to what my heart has to say, don’t just rely on tales
Look into my eyes, don’t listen to others only)

Ek Nazar Dekh Le, Jeene Ki Ijaajat De De
Roothane Wale Wo Pehli Si Mohabbat De De
Ishq Masoom Hain, Ilzaam Lagane Pe Naa Jaa
(Look at me for once, give me permission to live
those who are angry at me, give the same love as before
love is innocent, try not to accuse it)

Waqt Insaan Pe Aisa Bhi Kabhi Aata Hain
Raah Mein Chhod Ke Saaya Bhi Chala Jaata Hain
Din Bhi Nikalega Kabhi, Raat Ke Aane Pe Naa Jaa
(sometimes humans face such moments
That even the shadow leaves one and goes away
The day will soon here, don’t just depend on the night)

Main Haqiqat Hoon, Yeh Ek Roz Dikhaunga  Tujhe
Begunahi Pe Mohabbat Ki Rulauanga Tujhe
Daag Dil Ke Nahin Mitate Hain, Mitane Pe Naa Jaa
(I am real, one day I will show it to you
That love is innocent, I will make you realize and cry
The stains or wounds on heart, do not erase, don’t try it)


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