Jagjit Singh & Chitra Singh – Aaye Hai Samjhane Log Lyrics in Hindi & English with Meaning (Translation | आये हैं समझाने लोग | Album – The Unforgettables

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Jagjit Singh & Chitra Singh Ghazal Aaye Hai Samjhane Log Lyrics in Hindi & English with Meaning (Translation).

🎵 SongAaye Hai Samjhane Log
🎬 AlbumThe Unforgettables
🎼 MusicJagjit Singh
🎤 SingerJagjit Singh & Chitra Singh
✍️ LyricistKunwar Mahendra Singh Bedi

आये हैं समझाने लोग हिन्दी लिरिक्स

आये हैं समझाने लोग
हैं कितने दीवाने लोग

दैर-ओ-हरम में चैन जो मिलता
क्यूँ जाते मयखाने लोग

जान के सब कुछ, कुछ भी ना जाने
हैं कितने अन्जाने लोग

वक़्त पे काम नहीं आते हैं
ये जाने पहचाने लोग

अब जब मुझको होश नहीं हैं
आये हैं समझाने लोग

Aaye Hai Samjhane Log Lyrics in English with Meaning (Translation)

Aaye Hai Samjhane Log
Hai Kitne Deewane Log

(people have come to explain
how much crazy people are)

Dair-O-Haram Mein Chain Jo Milta
Kyon Jate Maykhane Log

(If they would have finds peace in temple and mosque
people were not going to bars)

Jaan Ke Sab Kuch, Kuch Bhi Na Jane
Hai Kitne Anjane Log

(After knowing everything, knows nothing
how much ignorant people are)

Waqt Pe Kaam Nahi Aate Hai
Yeh Jane Pehchane Log

(they won’t help when the time comes
these same familiar people)

Ab Jab Mujhko Hosh Nahi Hai
Aaye Hai Samjhane Log

(Now that I’m not conscious
people have come to explain)

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Aaye Hai Samjhane Log Ghazal is from which Album?

The Unforgettables

Who is the Writer or Lyricist of the Ghazal Aaye Hai Samjhane Log?

Kunwar Mahendra Singh Bedi

Who are the singers of the Ghazal Aaye Hai Samjhane Log?

Jagjit Singh & Chitra Singh


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