Jal – Aadat Song Lyrics | आदत | Atif Aslam | Album – Aadat (2004)

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Hindi Kala presents Aadat Song Lyrics from band Jal album named Aadat from the year 2004. It was a huge hit of Atif Aslam.

Ab To Aadat Si Hai Mujhko Song

Actually, it is Jal’s song. Atif Aslam, along with Gohar Mumtaz and Ali Zafar started Jal Band in 1998 and for their first album, they composed and recorded Aadat and Woh Lamhe.

However, later Atif had a conflict with the band and he left. Gohar Mumtaz became the lead vocalist and Jal re-recorded Atif’s songs in Gohar Mumtaz’s voice. Thus we now see two different versions. Here we are posting both versions of the song, the Jal version and the Atif version. Let us know which one is your favorite.

Aadat Song Lyrics in Hindi

न जाने कब से, उम्मीदें कुछ बाकी है
मुझे फिर भी तेरी याद, क्यूँ आती है
न जाने कब से

दूर जितना भी तुम मुझसे, पास तेरे मैं
अब तो आदत सी है मुझको ऐसे जीने में
ज़िन्दगी से कोई शिकवा भी नहीं है
अब तो जिंदा हू मैं इस नीले आसमां में

चाहत ऐसी है ये तेरी, बढ़ती जाए
आहट ऐसी है ये तेरी, मुझको सताए
यादें गहरी हैं इतनी, दिल डूब जाए
और आँखों में यह ग़म नम बन जाए
अब तो आदत सी…
सभी यादें हैं, सभी बातें हैं
भुला दो उन्हें, मिटा दो उन्हें

This is the Atif Aslam Version of the song

Artist: Jal
Album: Aadat (2004)

Ab To Aadat Si Hai Mujhko Song English Translation

Na Jane Kab Se, Ummeede Kuch Baaki Hai
Mujhe Phir Bhi Tere Yaad, Kyun Aati Hai
Na Jane Kab Se 
(I don’t know from when I have some hopes in my heart
I don’t know why still I miss you
Don’t know from when)

Door Jitna Bhi Tum Mujhse, Paas Tere Main
Ab To Aadat Si Hai Mujhko Aise Jeene Mein
Zindgi Se Koi Shikva Bhi Nahi Hai
Ab To Zinda Hoon Main Is Neele Aasmaa Mein
(The more you far from me, I am close to you
Now I got this habit to live like this
I don’t have any complain with life
Now I’m alive under this blue sky)

Chaahat Aisi Hai Yeh Teri, Badti Jaye
Aahat Aisi Hai Yeh Teri, Mujhko Sataye
Yaadein Gehri Hai Itni, Dil Doob Jaye
Aur Aankhon Mein Ye Gham Nam Ban Jaye
Ab To Aadat Si …
(Love of yours is like growing inside my heart
The sound of your footstep always teases me
Your memories are so deep, my heart sinks in it
And this pain in my eyes makes them wet
Now I got this habit to live like this)

Sabhi Yadein Hai, Sabhi Batein Hai
Bhula Do Unhe, Mita Do Unhe 
Ab To Aadat Si Hai Mujhko ..
(All the memories we have, All the stories we have
Let’s forget them all, let’s erase them all)

This is the Gohar Mumtaz version of the song


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