Agnee – Kuch Ankahi by Agnee Band | कुछ अनकही | Album – Agnee (2007)

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Kuch Ankahi by Agnee Band is one of my favorite songs. Although the duration of this song is 04 min but it has only a few lines as lyrics.

Agnee Band

But still it manage you to surprise. Guitar piece is amazing in this song by Agnee. It was their first album and still, it is one of my favourite song from the album.

Kuch Ankahi Song lyrics by Agnee in Hindi

कुछ अनकही, रूह की एक आह सी
खामोश सी, आँखों से कह दे सभी 
गुमनाम सी, गली गली ढूंढें रागिनी 
मदहोश सी, थाम के बाहें चल पड़ी 
ज़िंदगी हैरान करे 
ये ज़िंदगी 
धुंआ कभी, लौ भी कभी 

Album: Agnee / अग्नि 
Artist: Agnee / अग्नि 
Lyrics: Anjuman / अंजुमन 

English Translation & Lyrics in Roman Transcript

Kuch Ankahi, Rooh Ki Ek Aah Si
Khamosh Si, Aankhon Se Keh De Sabhi
Gumnaam Si, Gali Gali Dhoondhe Raagini
Madhosh Si, Thaam Ke Baahein Chal Padi
Zindgi Hairaan Kare
Yeh Zindgi
Dhuaan Kabhi, Lau Bhi Kabhi

(Something untold, a sigh of soul
Silently, tell with your eyes all
Anonymous, finding rythem every street
Drunk, the arms of the hold moved
surprise life
this life
Sometimes the smoke, sometimes the flame)

Kuch Ankahi by Agnee Band

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