Talaash (2012) – Muskaanein Jhoothi Hai | मुस्काने झूठी है | Suman Sridhar

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Hindi Kala presents Muskaanein Jhoothi Hai Lyrics in Hindi & English Translation from Movie Talaash (2012). The song is sung by Suman Sridhar.

Kareena Kapoor in Movie Talaash (2012)

A perfect song and lyrics for a suspense thriller movie. The Jazz touch by Ram Sampat is amazing and voice of Suman Sridhar is exotic. Kareena performed it very well. Love this track for its uniqueness and a little bit of Jazz feel.

Muskaanein Jhoothi Hai Lyrics in Hindi

रात में ही जागते हैं, ये गुनाहो के घर
इनकी राहें खोले बाहें, जो भी आये इधर
आ हा ….ये है गुमराहों का रास्ता
मुस्काने झूठी है, पहचाने झूठी है
रंगीनी है छायी, फिर भी है तन्हाई
कल इन्ही गलियों मे, इन मसली कलियों मे, तो ये धूम थी,
जो रूह प्यासी है, जिसमें उदासी है, वो है घूमती
सबको तलाश वो ही, समझे ये काश कोई
आ हा ….ये है गुमराहों का रास्ता…
हल्के उजालो मे, हलके अंधेरो मे जो इक राज है
क्यों खो गया है वो, क्या हो गया है कि वो नाराज़ है
ये रात इतना बता, तुझको तो होगा पता
आ हा ….ये है गुमराहों का रास्ता…

Movie: Talaash (2012)
Music: Ram Sampath
Lyrics: Javed Akhtar
Singer: Suman Sridhar
Performed by: Kareena Kapoor, Aamir Khan, Rani Mukerji

English Translation and Lyrics of The Song

Raat Mein Hi Jaagte Hain, Yeh Gunahon Ke Ghar
Inki Rahein, Khole Bahein, Jo Bhi Aaye Idhar
Ahaa..Yeh Hai Gumraahon Ka Rasta
Muskaanein  Jhooti Hai, Pehchane Jhooti Hai
Rangeeni Hai Chhayi, Phir Bhi Hai Tanhai
(They are awake in the night only, these houses of sins..
their paths open their arms (and welcome), whoever comes here
This is the path for the lost, 
the smiles are fake, the identities are false,
A colorfulness is there, still, there is loneliness there)

Kal Inhi Galiyon Mein, Inn Masli Kaliyon Mein, Toh Yeh Dhoom Thi
Jo Rooh Pyaasi Hai, Jisme Udaasi Hai, Woh Hai Ghoomti
Sabko Talaash Wohi, Samjhe Yeh Kaash Koi
Ahaa..Yeh Hai Gumrahon Ka Rasta
(Yesterday in these buds only, in these crushed buds, there was sputter..
The soul that is thirsty, in which there is sadness, that (soul) roams around..
everyone looks for that, wish someone understands that
This is the path for the lost…) 

Halke Ujaalo Mein, Halke Andheron Mein, Yeh Ik Raaz Hai
Kyun Kho Gaya Hai Who,  Kya Ho Gaya Hai, Ki Woh Naraaz Hai
Yeh Raat Itna Bataa, Tujhko Toh Hoga Pataa
Ahaa..Yeh Hai Gumrahon Ka Raasta
(In mild lights, in mild darknesses, the one secret that is there,
why is it lost, what has happened, that it is angry.
O night, tell me that much..you must be knowing that
This is the path for the lost…)

On A lighter note check out this video of Jessica Rabbit of song Why don’t you do right. I guess the inspiration for video comes from here.

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