Remix – Noorie | Bally Sagoo (2000)

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I am not a big fan of Remixes but some of them are really good. One of them is this remix Noori done by Bally Sagoo of classic song Aaja Re O Mere Dilbar Aaja from Noorie movie of 1979.

Model in this video is Maushmi Udeshi who is playing a ghost in this video and song sung by Gunjan.

This remix became very popular in recent time and I enjoy both original and this.


Noorie Song Lyrics in Hindi

आजा रे, आजा रे, ओ मेरे दिलबर आजा
दिल की प्यास बुझा जा रे

शाम सुहानी महकी महकी, खुशबू तेरी लाए
पास कही जब कलियाँ चटके, मैं जानू तू आए
आजा रे, आजा रे ओ मेरे दिलबर आजा
मुझ में आन समा जा रे

दूर नहीं मैं तुझसे साथी, मैं तो सदा से तेरी
एक नज़र जब तुझको देखू, जागे किस्मत मेरी
आजा रे, आजा रे ओ मेरे दिलबर आजा
फिर से आस बंधा जा रे

Movie : Noorie (1979) / नूरी
Music : Khayyam / खय्याम
Lyrics : Jan Nisaar Akhtar / जां निसार अख्तर
Singer : Nitin Mukesh / नितिन मुकेश , Lata Mangeshkar / लता मंगेशकर

Noori Bally Sagoo Remix Lyrics English Translation

Aaja Re Aaja Re O Mere Dilbar Aaja
Dil Ki Pyaas Bujha Ja Re…
(Come, come, my sweetheart, come
Satisfy the thirst of my heart)

Shaam Suhani Mehki Mehki, Khusboo Teri Laye
Paas Kahin Jab Kaliyan Chatke, Main Janu Tu Aaye
Aaja Re, Aaja Re O Mere Dilbar Aaja
Mujh Mein Aaan Sama Ja Re..
(The evening pleasant, and is fragrant, It brings to me your scent
When a bud blossom near by I know you coming
Come, come, my sweetheart, come
Come, get absorbed in me (stay very close to me)

Door Nahi Main Tujhse Saathi, Main To Sada Se Teri
Ek Nazar Jab Tujhko Dekhu, Jaage Kismat Meri
Aaja Re, Aaja Re O Mere Dilbar Aaja
Phir se Aaas Bandha Ja Re…
(I’m not away from you, mate, I was since forever only yours
When i looked at you for once, My (good) fortunes awakes
Come, come, my sweetheart, come
Yet again give me hope)

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