Jagjit Singh & Chitra Singh – Ghazal Bahut Pehle Se Un Kadmo Ki Aahat Lyrics | बहुत पहले से उन कदमो की आहट जान लेते है | The Unforgettable (1976)

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Hindi Kala presents Jagjit Singh & Chitra Singh famous Ghazal Bahut Pehle Se Un Kadmo Ki Aahat Lyrics in Hindi & English Translation.

Chitra Singh & Jagjit Singh

Jagjit Singh started his career by performing at weddings and private parties and singing jingles for advertisements. During the 1970s the ghazal considered a light classical form with its roots in the classical idiom was dominated by stellar names like Noorjehan Malika Pukhraj Begum Akhtar Talat Mehmood and Mehdi Hassan.

Jagjit Singh met Chitra Singh in the year 1967 when she was also doing jingles. Soon, they got married in the year 1969. Jagjit Singh introduces a new feel and style into this genre. When in the year 1976 album ‘The Unforgettable’ was released it was a huge hit and Jagjit Singh started his journey to become Ghazal King.

Ghazal Bahut Pehle Se Un Kadmo Ki Aahat Lyrics in Hindi

बहुत पहले से उन कदमो की आहट जान लेते है
तुझे ऐ ज़िन्दगी हम दूर से पहचान लेते है
तबियत अपनी घबराती है जब सुनसान रातो में
हम ऐसे में तेरी यादो की चादर तान लेते है
मेरी नज़रे भी ऐसे काफ़िरो का जान-ओ-ईमान है
निगाहें मिलते है जो जान और ईमान लेते है
फिराक अक्सर बदलकर भेष मिलता है कोई काफिर
कभी हम जान लेते है कभी पहचान लेते है

Album: The Unforgettables (1976)
Music: Jagjit Singh
Lyrics: Firaq Gorakhpuri
Singer: Jagjit Singh, Chitra Singh

English Lyrics & Translation

Bahut Pahale Se Un Qadmon Ki Aahat Jaan Lete Hain
Tujhe Yeh Zindagi Hum Door Se Pahchaan Lete Hain
(I recognise your footsteps from far far away
Dear Life, I can recognize you from far away)

Tabiyat Apani Ghabarati Hai Jab Sun-Saan Raton Mein
Hum Aise Men Teri Yadon Ki Chaadar Taan Lete Hain
(When I am restless during lonely nights
so I tuck myself under the blanket of your memories)

Meri Nazarein Bhi Aise Qaafiro Ka Jaan-O-Imaan Hai
Nigahein Milte Hi Jo Jaan Aur Imaan Lete Hain
(My gaze often shifts towards people who are infidel or ungrateful
As soon as our eyes meet, they take away my life and faith)

‘Firaq’ Aksar Badal Kar Bhes Milta Hai Koi Qaafir
Kabhi Hum Jaan Lete Hain Kabhi Pehchaan Lete Hain
(Some ungrateful person often disguises and I meet me
Sometimes I realize…and sometimes I recognize)

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