Jagjit Singh – Dost Ban Ban Ke Mile Lyrics | दोस्त बन बन के मिले मुझको मिटाने वाले | Album – The Unforgettables (1976)

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Jagjit Singh’s Ghazal Dost Ban Ban Ke Mile Lyrics in Hindi & English with English Translation as well. The Ghazal is written by Saeed Rahi.

Jagjit Singh Ghazal Dost Ban Ban Ke Mile

He is no more with us. He was one of its kind & nobody will be like him till the end of this world. We will miss him rest of our life. Ghazal lost its king. His voice and selections were matchless. His compositions were awesome. Very deeply touching words, voice, and tune. True on feelings, deep in meaning, and beautiful as heaven.

Dost Ban Ban Ke Mile Lyrics in Hindi

दोस्त बन बन के मिले मुझको मिटाने वाले
मैंने देखे हैं कई रंग बदलने वाले
तुमने चुप रहकर सितम और भी ढाया मुझ पर
तुमसे अच्छे हैं मेरे हाल पे हंसने वाले
मैं तो इख़लाक़ के हाथों ही बिका करता हूं
और होंगे तेरे बाज़ार में बिकने वाले
(इख़लाक : Good Nature)
आख़री बार सलाम-ए-दिल-ए-मुज़्तर ले लो
फिर ना लौटेंगे शब-ए-हिज्र पे रोने वाले
(सलाम-ए-दिल-ए-मुज़्तर : Salutation from the distressed heart)

Album – The Unforgettables (1976)
Singer : Jagjit Singh
Music : Jagjit Singh
Lyrics : Saeed Rahi

English Lyrics with English Translation

Dost Ban-Banke Mile Mujhko Mitane Waale
Maine Dekhe Hain Kai Rang Badalne Waale
(The ones who got me by becoming friends and destroyed me
I have seen many who change color)
Tumne Chup Rahkar Sitam Aur Bhi Dhaaya Mujhpar
Tumse Achchhe Hain Mere Haal Pe Hansne Waale
(You kept quiet and brought in even more pain on me
those who laugh at me are better than you)

Main To Ikhalaq Ke Hathon Hi Bika Kartaa Hoon
Aur Honge Tere Baazar Mein Bikne Waale
(I sell it in the hands of only people with good nature
there must be other people who get sold in your market)

Aakhri Baar Salaam-E-Dil-E-Mustar Le Lo
Phir Naa Lautenge Shab-E-Hijr Pe Rone waale
(Take salutation from the distressed heart one last time
Those who cry on the evening of separation won’t return again)

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