Vishal Goswami – Tum Mere Ho Gaye | Album – Surahi

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Hindi Kala presents Vishal Goswami Tum Mere Ho Gaye song lyrics from his debut album Surahi.

Vishal Goswami - Surahi - Tum Mere Ho Gaye

Heard this album Surahi long back in the ’90s on Audio Cassettes and loved all Ghazals from this album. Vishal Goswami is the son of a veteran actor of Bollywood Manoj Kumar.

I couldn’t find the releasing year of this album but I believe its from between 1985 to 1988 because in the first Ghazal of this album legendary actor Raj Kapoor introduces him to the audience and Raj Kapoor died in 1988.

All Ghazals of this album recorded in front of live audience.

Tum Mere Ho Gaye To Aao Naa Hindi Lyrics

तुम मेरे हो गए तो आओ ना 
शाम एक साथ में बिताओ ना 

इश्क़ नाराज़गी का नाम नहीं 
जो हुआ उसको भूल जाओ ना 

जिसमे दोनों का नाम आता हो 
वो कहानी हमें सुनाओ ना 

अपने यारों से हम तो कहते है 
दुश्मनी प्यार से निभाओ ना

Album: Surahi (1986)
Music: Uttam-Jagdish
Lyrics: Saeed Rahi
Singer: Vishal Goswami

Vishal Goswami Tum Mere Ho Gaye Ghazal Lyrics English Translation

Tum Mere Ho Gaye To Aao Naa
Shaam Ek Saath Mein Bitao Naa

(If you became mine then please come
and spend an evening with me)

Ishq Narazgi Ka Naam Nahi
Jo Hua Usko Bhool Jao Naa

(Love is not the name of anger
Please just forget whatever happend)

Jisme Dono Ka Naam Aata Ho
Woh Kahani Hume Sunao Naa

(In which both our names comes
Please tell me that story)

Apne Yaaron Se Hum To Kehte Hai
Dushmani Pyaar Se Nibhao Naa

(I always tells my friends
fulfil enmity with love only)


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