Anurodh (1977) – Mere Dil Ne Tadap Ke Jab Naam Tera Pukara | मेरे दिल ने तड़प के जब नाम तेरा पुकारा | Kishore Kumar

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This superhit song mere dil ne tadap ke jab naam tera pukara is from film Anurodh (1977) of Rajesh Khanna which was based on the 1963 Bengali film Deya Neya, produced by Girija Samanta and directed by Shakti Samanta.

Movie Anurodh (1977)

The music of the film was a huge success given by the duo Laxmikant Pyarelal. Pyarelal quoted in an interview “Rajesh Khanna had a great interest in music and a terrific sense of melody too. His music is dominated by Pancham (R.D.Burman) and us and we accepted Shakti Samanta’s Anurodh only because Rajesh Khanna had had some misunderstanding with Pancham then and did not want to work with him.”

One more interesting story about this film shared by director Shakti Samanta. He said that although the film had an “interesting story”, he felt that audiences didn’t want to accept the leading man, Rajesh Khanna, doing romantic scenes with his real-life wife Dimple Kapadia’s sister Simple Kapadia and this is the reason this film was just a superhit otherwise it would have been a bigger blockbuster.

मेरे दिल ने तड़प के जब नाम तेरा पुकारा Lyrics in Hindi

आ जा ओ आ जा
मेरे दिल ने तड़प के जब नाम तेरा पुकारा
कहाँ से न जाने चला आया ये मौसम प्यारा प्यारा

तेरे रस्ते पे मैं आँखें बिछाये बैठा हूँ
तेरे इंतजार की मैं दुनिया सजाये बैठा हूँ
देखे तेरी नज़रों को भाए ना भाए ये नज़ारा

तेरा मेरा प्यार एक राज़ ही रहता तो अच्छा था
सोज़ ना बनता ये साज़ ही रहता तो अच्छा था
जाने क्या होगा जब होगा ये मिलन हमारा

धड़क रहा है दिल दिल को मैं कैसे समझाऊँ 
तुझ से मिलू या मिले बिन यहाँ से चला जाऊँ 
ऐसा ना हो तू ये दिल तोड़े जमाना हसे सारा

Movie: Anurodh / अनुरोध (1977) 
Music: Laxmikant-Pyarelal / लक्ष्मीकांत-प्यारेलाल
Lyrics: Anand Bakshi / आनंद बक्षी
Singer: Kishore Kumar / किशोर कुमार
Performed by: Rajesh Khanna, Simple Kapadia

Mere Dil Ne Tadap Ke Jab Naam Tera Pukara Song Lyrics Translation in English

Aaja Ho Aaja 
Mere Dil Ne Tadap Ke Jab Naam Tera Pukaara 
Kahan Se Na Jaane Chala Aaya Yeh Mausam Pyaara Pyaara 

(Come Ho Come 
My Heart Skips A Beat When Hearing Your Name 
Where This Beautiful Season Came From, I Don’t Know)

Tere Raste Pe Main, Ankhe Bichhaye Baitha Hoon, 
Tere Intzaar Ki Main Duniya Sajaye Baitha Hoon 
Dekhen Teri Nazaron Ko Bhaaye Na Bhaaye Ye Nazaara 

(On Your Path I Laid, my eyes
I’m Awaiting You With My Eyes Spread Wide Open 
See, Your Eye Sight It Seems Appropriate To Do So Inclined)

Tera Mera Pyaar Ab Raaz Hi Rehta To Accha Tha, 
Soz Na Banta Yeh Saaz Hi Rehta To Accha Tha 
Jaane Kya Hoga Jab Hoga Ye Milan Hamaara 

(If Our Love Would Remain Secret It’d Be Better 
If it won’t become a song, it’d be better as an instrument
What Will Happen When It Will Unhide and we will meet?)

Dhadak Raha Hai Dil, Dil Ko Main Kaise Samajhaaun 
Tujhase Milu Ya Mile Bin Yahaan Se Chala Jaaun 
Aisa Na Ho Tu Ye Dil Tode Zamaana Hanse Saara

(Heart It Racing, How To Explain Me To Heart 
If I Don’t Get You, Where Can I Go? 
Lest Thou Broken Heart Laughed All The Age)

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