Jagjit Singh – Huzoor Aapka Bhi Ehtram Karta Chaloon Lyrics | हुज़ूर आप का भी एहतेराम करता चलूं | Album – A Journey (1987)

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Hindi Kala presents Huzoor Aapka Bhi Ehtram Karta Chaloon Lyrics in Hindi and English Translation. Famous Ghazal by the legend Jagjit Singh.

Jagjit Singh

Jagjit Singh’s name will go down in the history as India’s most profound ghazal singer and composer. He has earned this through sheer hard work, self-discipline, and confidence.

Huzoor Aapka Bhi Ehtram Karta Chaloon Lyrics in Hindi

हुज़ूर आप का भी एहतेराम करता चलूं
इधर से गुजरा था सोचा सलाम करता चलूं
निगाह-ओ-दिल की यही आख़िरी तमन्ना है
तुम्हारी ज़ुलफ के साए मे शाम करता चलूं
उन्हे ये ज़िद के मुझे देख कर किसी को ना देख
मेरा ये शौक के सब से कलाम करता चलूं
ये मेरे ख्वाबों की दुनिया नही सही लेकिन
अब आ गया हूँ तो दो दिन क़याम करता चलूं

Album: A Journey (1987)
Lyrics: Shadab Lahori
Music: Jagjit Singh
Singer: Jagjit Singh

Huzoor Aapka Bhi Ghazal English Lyrics & Translation

Huzoor Aapka Bhi Ehtraam Karta Chaloon
Idhar Se Guzra Tha Socha Salaam Karta Chaloon
(Dear, I thought of paying my respects to you
I was passing by from here, so thought to greet you)

Nigaah-O-Dil Ki Yahi Aakhri Tamanna Hai
Tumhari Zulf Ke Saaye Mein Shaam Karta Chaloon
(This is the last wish of my heart and eyes
If I could spend an evening under the shadow of your hair)

Unhe Yeh Zid Ki Mujhe Dekh Kar Kisi Ko Na Dekh
Mera Yeh Shauk Ke Sabse Kalaam Karta Chaloon
(She has this condition, that after you see me you shouldn’t see anybody
I have this habit to have a word with everybody)

Yeh Mere Khawbon Ki Duniya Nahin Sahi Lekin
Ab Aa Gaya Hoon To Do Din Qyaam Karta Chaloon
(This may not be the world of my dreams,
But now that I am here, let me stay for a couple of days!)

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