Ghar (1978) – Aaj Kal Paon Zameen Par Lyrics | आजकल पाँव ज़मीं पर | Lata Mangeshkar

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Lata Mangeshkar‘s song Aaj Kal Paon Zameen Par Lyrics in Hindi and English Translation from movie Ghar (1978) starring Rekha and Vinod Mehra.

Vinod Mehra and Rekha in Movie Ghar (1978)

I enjoyed listening to this expression of love.. just a beautiful metaphor that expresses how she feels because she is in love. What a great composition in Raag Des by, R. D. Burman, no less than a genius, just like his father S.D. Burman. These music makers of yesteryears have been nothing short of a blessing to us, music lovers.

Aaj Kal Paon Zameen Par Lyrics

आजकल पाँव ज़मीं पर नहीं पड़ते मेरे
बोलो देखा है कभी तुमने मुझे उड़ते हुए
जब भी थामा है तेरा हाथ तो देखा है
लोग कहते हैं के बस हाथ की रेखा है
हमने देखा है दो तक़दीरों को जुड़ते हुए
आजकल पाँव…
नींद सी रहती है, हलका सा नशा रहता है
रात-दिन आँखों में इक चेहरा बसा रहता है
पर लगी आँखों को देखा है कभी उड़ते हुए
आजकल पाँव…
जाने क्या होता है हर बात पे कुछ होता है
दिन में कुछ होता है और रात में कुछ होता है
थाम लेना जो कभी देखो हमें उड़ते हुए
आजकल पाँव…

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Movie : Ghar (1978) / घर
Music : R. D. Burman / आर.डी.बर्मन
Lyrics : Gulzar / गुलज़ार
Singer : Lata Mangeshkar / लता मंगेशकर
Performed By: Rekha, Vinod Mehra

English Translation and Lyrics of The Song

Aajkal Paanv Zameen Par Nahi Padte Mere
Bolo Dekha Hai Kabhi Tumne Mujhe Uddte Huye
(Nowadays my feet don’t touch the ground
Tell me, have you ever seen me flying?)

Jab Bhi Thama Hai Tera Haath To Dekha Hai
Log Kehte Hai Ke Bas Haath Ki Rekha Hai
Humne Dekha Hai Do Takdeero Ko Judte Huye
Aajkal Paanv …
(Whenever I have held your hand, I have seen
People say that it is only handline
We have seen two fates joining together

Neend Si Rahti Hai, Halka Sa Nasha Rahta Hai
Raat – Din Aankhon Mein Ek Chehra Basa Rahta Hai
Par Lagi Aankhon Ko Dekha Hai Kabhi Uddte Huye
Aajkal Paanv…
(Remains sleepy, there is a slight intoxication
Night and day there is only one face in the eyes
But have you seen the eyes with wings flying

Jane Kya Hota Hai Har Baat Pe Kuch Hota Hai
Din Mein Kuch Hota Hai Aur Raat Mein Kuch Hota Hai
Thaam Lena Jo Kabhi Dekho Humein Uddte Huye
Aajkal Paanv..
(Know what happens, something happens on everything
Something happens in the day and something happens at the night
take hold of me whenever see me flying


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