Tum Bin (2001) – Koi Fariyaad Lyrics in Hindi & English with Meaning (Translation) | Jagjit Singh | कोई फरियाद

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Jagjit Singh‘s song Koi Fariyaad Lyrics in Hindi & English with meaning (translation) from the movie Tum Bin (2001) starring Priyanshu Chatterjee, Sandali Sinha, Himanshu Malik and Rakesh Bapat.

Tum Bin (2001)
SongKoi Fariyaad | कोई फरियाद
MovieTum Bin (2001)
SingerJagjit Singh
LyricistFaaiz Anwar
ActorsPriyanshu Chatterjee, Sandali Sinha

“Koi Fariyaad” from the movie “Tum Bin” (2001) is an emotional masterpiece that touches the soul. Sung by the legendary Jagjit Singh, it resonates with heartache and longing, capturing the essence of unrequited love. The haunting melody and poignant lyrics weave a tale of melancholy and yearning, evoking a sense of nostalgia and longing for lost love that reverberates with listeners long after the song ends.

कोई फ़रियाद तेरे दिल में दबी हो जैसे
तूने आँखों से कोई बात कही हो जैसे

जागते-जागते इक उम्र कटी हो जैसे
जान बाकी है मगर साँस रुकी हो जैसे

हर मुलाकात पे महसूस यही होता है
मुझसे कुछ तेरी नज़र पूछ रही हो जैसे

राह चलते हुए अक्सर ये गुमां होता है
वो नज़र छुप के मुझे देख रही हो जैसे

एक लम्हें में सिमट आया सदियों का सफ़र
ज़िन्दगी तेज़ बहुत तेज़ चली हो जैसे

इस तरह पहरों तुझे सोचता रहता हूँ मैं
मेरी हर साँस तेरे नाम लिखी हो जैसे

Koi Fariyaad Tere Dil Mein Dabi Ho Jaise
Tune Aankhon Se Koi Baat Kahi Ho Jaise

(As if there is some complaint buried in your heart.
as if you said something with your eyes)

Jaagte-Jaagte Ik Umra Kati Ho Jaise
Jaan Baaki Hai Magar Saans Ruki Ho Jaise

(It’s as if an age has passed while I am awake
There is still life left but it is as if breathing has stopped)

Har Mulaqat Pe Mehsoos Yahi Hota Hai
Mujhse Kuch Teri Nazar Pooch Rahi Ho Jaise

(This is what I feel every time I meet
As if your eyes are asking me something)

Raah Chalte Huye Aksar Yeh Gumaan Hota Hai
Woh Nazar Chhup Ke Mujhe Dekh Rahi Ho Jaise

(It often gets suspicious while walking
It’s as if she’s secretly watching me)

Ek Lamhe Mein Simat Aaya Sadiyo Ko Safar
Zindgi Tez Bahut Tez Chali Ho Jaise

(The journey of centuries condensed into one moment
It seems as if life is moved very fast)

‘Koi Fariyaad’ Song is from which movie?

Tum Bin (2001)

Who is the Music Director of the ‘Koi Fariyaad’ Song?


Who is the Writer of the song ‘Koi Fariyaad’?

Faaiz Anwar

Who is the singer of the song ‘Koi Fariyaad’?

Jagjit Singh

Who are the actors in the ‘Koi Fariyaad’ song?

Priyanshu Chatterjee, Sandali Sinha


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